Scan Picking Workflow with Scanners


This documents explains how it is possible to have a quick scan workflow solution to scan pick / pack or items in quick desptach in conjunction with a barcode scanner.

Before getting started please print out the attachment "Shortcut Barcode WorkSheet" this will provide quick reference barcodes to use for the the below functions.

In addition a scanner needs to be setup and configure with a F12 command. Refer to the F12 Setup for Barcode Scanners support article.

Detail Steps

Within despatch register select and Open the order or alternatively if available scan the barcode on the pick order form.

Scan Quick then pick from the reference sheet – This will allow the picking of the order.

Scan item number (if serial tracking is off and the item is available then scan the next item if not then read below steps 1 to 3.

1. Scan serial number (if already in the system more of to next item number)

2. If the screen asks for a serial number then scan the number if it exist is will say scan next item, if not it will require another scan of the serial number to add the serial number to ICXE.

3. Once the order is completely picked – Scan Pick to confirm.

4. Then scan cancel, cancel to return to register.


1. Scan Delivery Note or find order in despatch register.

2. Scan: Quick

3. Scan: Pack

4. Scan: Tracking (If you would like to scan in the connote number) *This step can be left out

5. Scan: Barcode if provided on the consignment note of your freight company. *This step should be left out if you have not complete step 4

6. Scan: Cancel, Cancel to return to the register.


1. Scan delivery note or find order in despatch register and highlight.

2. Scan: Quick

3. Scan: Fast Ship x 2

4. Scan: Cancel x2 to return to the despatch register.

*If you are processing all actions, pick, pack and ship, you can remove the scanning of the cancel barcode for a smoother workflow.

Additional Notes

Barcode Preferences "Always use Scan Picking" must be turned on inorder for Scan Picking Workflows to work.


The following explains that it is possible solution to scan pick / pack or items in QUICK DESPATCH when a code will not scan because it is damaged or missing.


1: Use the QUICK DESPATCH scan pick procedure as normal. Scan Quick - then scan PICK - scan each item barcode.

2: WHEN A CODE GOES BAD - or is missing - you need to complete the pick using the MANUAL PICKING form.

3: Scan ALL WORKING CODES FIRST and put the BAD SCAN product to one side.

4: Scan PICK to CONFIRM and complete the current pick - the order status should show PART-PICKED.

5: Scan CANCEL to return to the DESPATCH REGISTER


1. Locate the Order in the Despatch Register - DOUBLE CLICK or from the short cuts click PICK ORDER.

2. Double-Click the item with the BAD SCAN CODE - it should have a status of RTP!

3. In the MANUAL PICK - select/pick the item batch or if required click ADD SERIAL#

4. Type in the SERIAL# check it conforms and click YES to add the serial number.


6. If any other items are RTP (for example Freight) - Click Pick Stock to fully pick the order.

7. Now CLICK FAST PACK or CLOSE the form and scan the Order Barcode to return to the QUICK DESPATCH workflow.

Additional Notes

This workflow must be used when an item DOES NOT HAVE A BARCODE which can occur with new product - or a label is missing from the item itself.


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